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Garden Wall Construction by Cornerstone Driveways

Cornerstone Driveways also specialise in creating perfectly constructed garden walls throughout Lancashire and we can design garden walls or build them to your exact specifications. Whether it is serving a purpose, for example, security, privacy, to protect your garden from the elements or just to look good, contact our team today on 0800 959 6393

What Function Does a Garden Wall Have

A garden wall does not need to have a physical function. It can be there to simply look attractive; we design and build all styles of garden walls. Garden walls have lots of uses, such as:

Retaining Wall-to hold earth back to create a terraced area or support a sloping bank

Creating a barrier-for example, next to a road to reduce noise, for security or for privacy

To divide a garden into different areas

To provide extra seating around a feature such as a pond

To provide a low, solid base on which you can put up fencing

To support a structure such as a gazebo or pergola

Range of Materials Available

Our team can build a garden wall from bricks, natural stone or reconstituted stone. There is a wide range of reconstituted stone on the market, made from concrete blocks that are dressed and coloured to look like stone.

Brick walls

Bricks are the cheapest material and come in a range of colours

Natural stone walls

Semi-dressed or fully dressed natural stone can be expensive

Semi-dry stone walls

A genuine dry-stone wall is built from stones without mortar to bind them together

Dry-stone effect walls

Stone blocks that let you create the look of a dry-stone wall at a fraction of the cost

Cornerstone Driveways can construct garden walls for customers across Lancashire and beyond. For further information on building a new garden wall please contact us or call us on 0800 959 6393